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Emergency Homeowners Loan Program (EHLP)

Emergency Homeowners' Loan Program (EHLP) to help homeowners facing foreclosure.

Applications being accepted now through July 22.

Are you facing a housing foreclosure? We are now accepting pre-screening applications for the Emergency Homeowners' Loan Program (EHLP).

The EHLP is a program available through the US Department of Housing and Urban Development in an effort to help eligible homeowners who are facing foreclosure due to being temporarily unemployed or underemployed.

The EHLP will provide eligible homeowners with emergency assistance that pays a portion of their monthly mortgage payment for up to 24 consecutive months, or up to $50,000. This money will also be used to cover past due mortgage payments.

Eligibility requirements include that the homeowner must:

  • Have received a notification of foreclosure
  • Have experienced a reduction in income of at least 15%
  • Be at least 3 months delinquent on mortgage payments
  • Reside in the mortgaged property as a principal residence
  • Spend more than 31% of your income on your mortgage payment
  • Have a reasonable likelihood of affording the mortgage payment upon re-employment
  • Have an income of less than or equal to $75,000 (or 120% of your Area Median Income)

If you meet these qualifications and are interested in applying for the EHLP program, please fill out and return the attached pre-screening document to our offices by one of the following methods:

  • Email: Scan the documents and email them to
  • Mail:, ATTN: EHLP, 1000 University Avenue, Suite 900, Rochester, NY 14607
  • Fax: 585-546-5693, ATTN: EHLP