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About RethinkingDebt and RethinkingDebt.org

Over forty five years of nonprofit consumer credit counseling and financial education services

The history of our organization began over 45 years ago in Rochester, New York. In the early 1970's, the use of credit cards became a significant part of the American way of life. Unfortunately, many people got into financial trouble by borrowing too much. Our local franchise, Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Rochester, emerged in 1970 to focus on the financial wellness of families and individuals. We offered credit counseling and financial education services directly to consumers.

Our Objective Remains the Same

Our objective is to educate and empower individuals and families to take control of their financial lives. As a member of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, we exemplify the highest standards of professionalism in nonprofit consumer credit counseling and financial education. We embrace strict, high quality operating standards that afford us the privilege of being licensed by the NYS Department of Financial Services, and we are nationally accredited by the Council on Accreditation. You can rely on our long track record for providing reliable and high quality consumer credit counseling and financial education services.

Our Philosophy

We understand the challenges you face on a day to day basis. Paying off debts can add stress to your already busy and complicated lives. That's where we come in. Our nationally certified credit counselors are trained in a variety of financial counseling areas. When you request our counseling services, you will be treated with the dignity and respect that everyone deserves. The most important part is that we listen to you and your concerns. We can help you understand all of the options for managing your finances. We provide the financial education and services that can simplify your life and set you on the road to financial success.

RethinkingDebt services include:

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