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5 Ways a Bad Credit Score Can Affect You

Make sure you’re taking your credit seriously and opting for credit counseling services. Here are five ways a bad credit score is to your detriment.

Debt Consolidation and Your Credit Score

The term debt consolidation sometimes gets a bad rap, but if done correctly, it can be a helpful strategy for paying off debts. Read about the best strategy and how it can affect your credit score.

The Two Credit Score Systems

The term “Credit Score” is a part of regular everyday life in our world. But where do credit scores come from and who sets the guidelines for these rating?

Tools To Help Keep An Eye On Your Credit

Knowing what is on your credit report is an important step to making sure you are financially secure.

Credit Scores – How Many are There?

When applying for any type of credit, lenders want to know what risk they would be taking by lending you the money.

What is in a FICO Score?

A FICO Score is a three-digit number calculated from the credit information on your credit report at a consumer reporting agency (CRA) at a particular point in time — a snapshot.

Ultra FICO

UltraFICO Score   Consumers with low credit scores

I Have How Many Credit Scores?!

Often we hear from our clients that they checked their credit score through a free site such as Credit Karma and were shown a high credit score but yet, when they went to get a loan or purchase a vehi

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