I am the co-signer on my ex-girlfriend's student loan. I have a very good credit score and pay my bills on time. She is not making her student loan payments and I have had to make several payments this past year, which I cannot afford to keep doing. How w

Due to being a co-signer on the student loan you are equally responsible for the loan just as your ex-girlfriend would be.  With that said, depending on the type of the loan, if it’s a federal loan there are several repayment options available depending on different factors, but if it’s private there may not be as many repayment options. Please look at the loan type and contact the current servicer to see what options are available for repayment. If you need further guidance or assistance, one of our advisors can meet with you regarding student loans and your options for repayment of this loan. Please call our office at 546-3440 if you would like to schedule an appointment. 

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