How to Improve Your Credit Score

Don't despair if you have a low credit score. With time and discipline, you can dramatically improve it. Make a commitment to limiting your use of credit. Use the following advice to improve your score.

  • Check your credit reports and dispute any inaccuracies. Fixing problems can raise your score. Checking your own credit report does not affect your credit rating.
  • Pay off accounts that are with collection agencies. This will not remove them from your credit report, but your score should improve when the accounts are shown as paid.
  • Pay your bills on time.
  • Pay off debt rather than moving it around. Don't close the accounts. Closing an account doesn't erase it from your credit history. A longer credit history helps increase your score.
  • Maintain low balances on credit cards.
  • Don't open new credit card accounts just to increase availability of funds.
  • Contact your lenders if you are struggling to pay your bills.

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