Pre-Discharge Bankruptcy Education Workshop

Once your bankruptcy has been filed, but before it is discharged, the Bankruptcy Code requires that you complete additional training. Our Pre-discharge Education Workshop provides you with the information and skills you'll need to take charge of your finances. After completing the workshop, you will receive a certificate to qualify for final discharge of your bankruptcy petition. The pre-discharge educational workshop will teach you about:

  • The benefits and risks of declaring bankruptcy
  • Developing sound financial habits and setting goals for your financial future
  • Rebuilding your credit: understanding and using credit wisely

Bankruptcy Counseling Fees

To help defray the costs of this valuable service, we charge a $50.00 fee per session. Under certain circumstances, we can waive the fee. Waiving the fee will be assessed based on regulations from NYS, written verification of your family's monthly gross income, and Federal Poverty Level Guidelines.


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Our bankruptcy counseling sessions can take place online, in-person, or over the telephone. RethinkingDebt is committed to outstanding customer service. Our Client Support Department is open Monday-Friday 8am-5pm (EST). We provide other consumer credit counseling services including debt consolidation and debt management programs, foreclosure prevention counseling, housing counseling, reverse mortgage counseling, other options for paying off debts, and financial education.

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