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First Time Home Buyer New York

First Time Home Buying Workshops and Housing Counseling Programs

Home buying is serious business! RethinkingDebt can help you prepare for the reality and responsibilities of home ownership. Our nationally certified credit counselors provide first time home buying workshops and other housing counseling to teach you about the home buying process. Some of the topics that we cover include:

  • To buy or not to buy?
  • How much home can you afford?
  • Budget counseling - how to stay financially sound with the added responsibility
  • Your credit score and credit report - where you stand and how to improve your rating.
  • Options for paying off debts before you decide to buy a home.
  • Systematic savings plans and individual development accounts to prepare for home buying
  • Selecting a real estate professional
  • Obtaining a mortgage

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Attend a first time home buying workshop and get a Certificate of Completion

When you complete one of our workshops for first time home buying, you will receive a Certificate of Completion that will help you qualify for: federal, state, and local government programs; private mortgage programs; or grant programs. Make sure you give the certificate to the program coordinator.

RethinkingDebt Offers Options to Pay Off Debt Before You Buy

Before taking on the responsibility of a new house, allow our nationally certified consumer credit counselors help with the challenges of repaying outstanding debt. A credit counseling session can provide you with information about all of your options for paying off debts. We also offer debt consolidation and debt management programs that will improve your credit score, and our fees are some of the lowest in the industry. The benefits include:

  • Lower interest rates on your loans or credit card balances
  • Lower payments
  • Re-aging of delinquent balances
  • Waiver of late fees and over limit fees
  • Stopping debt collector calls to your home

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