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Why do I receive monthly statements from my creditors if RethinkingDebt sends me a monthly statement?

You should/will continue receiving monthly statements from your creditors. If you are not receiving statements from your creditors, you should contact them to ensure they have your most recent contact information. These statements provide you with valuable information regarding your account with them. Key information located on your statement that should be monitored monthly:


  • Balance

  • Interest Rate

  • Payment activity

  • Interest charges

  • Additional activity such as credits or other balance adjustments


It’s important to monitor your monthly statements to ensure that you’re being charged the correct interest rate, your balance is decreasing with payment activity and that there is no unusual activity or additional fees being applied to your account. If you have any questions about your statement or notice incorrect information, please contact our Client Support Department for additional assistance. The statement will provide us with important information so please have it available at the time of your call. If necessary, we will contact your creditor to resolve the issue. RethinkingDebt will also send you a statement on a monthly basis. Our statements provide estimated account balances, anticipated interest rates of each account as well as payment activity for your Debt Management Plan. In addition to reviewing your creditor statements for accuracy, we request that you compare our statement to that of your creditor and notify us of any discrepancies. Our staff members work in partnership with you to ensure your account information is accurate and that your Debt Management Plan is successful.