What Our Clients are Saying

Email from Mary I

I wanted to THANK YOU VERY MUCH for everything. After my husband died in 2008, I was left with 1 income and alot of debt and really didn't know what I was going to do. Working with you has not only eliminated my debt, but it has allowed me to rebuild my life financially. Again, THANK YOU!

I work for a bank and I have referred many people to your organization because of the way you have helped me.

Email from Kristin W

Thank you so very, very much!

I can't tell you how wonderful all of you have been to work with. Your customer service is amazing and the service you provide has turned our lives around- so thank you!

I can't wait until we are paid in full!

Email from Mike J

Thank you again for taking the time to speak with me today and for helping me to get my life back on track.  I can't thank you enough for your support!

Email from Ken and Mary M.

Thank you SO much for helping in getting our debt bills paid!! God, what a great feeling! We most definintely would recommend your organization to anyone that was having money problems! Hope everyone at your office has a great and safe Christmas and that they are all paying with cash! Warmly, Ken and Mary Mahns

Letter from Christopher D.

"I want to express my appreciation for the assistance that you provided over several years to help me resolve a difficult financial situation when my debt was out of control.

RethinkingDebt helped me create a plan that would allow me to pay off creditors under terms that were manageable, and this gave me some much needed peace of mind. The monthly charge for your services was very reasonable.

You provide a valuable service and I will certainly recommend you to anyone I know who needs financial counseling about debt problems. Thank you very much for your assistance."

-Christopher D

Letter from Bob F.

I just completed 4 years of paying off a $20,000 credit card debt and I cannot thank you enough. The renegotiated rates and payments got us through a difficult time after closing a 20 year business post 9-11. We stalled for two years before using RethinkingDebt as I'm sure many people do. We didn't understand it and thought it would ruin our credit rating so we quietly suffered. Boy, were we wrong. We are so glad we came to RethinkingDebt.org. Thank you!

Mike S.

Q: What brought you to RethinkingDebt?
A: "I had to take a major pay cut of about 30%. Credit card debt was a major expense that had to be addressed. I read articles on credit card debt and I think RethinkingDebt was one of the recommendations."

Q: Describe your credit counselling experience.
A: "Extremely professional, and the recommendations, solutions, and goals made sense. I wish I would have done it earlier."

Q: How was your situation prior to receiving credit counseling?
A: "Credit card companies had been making things hard by increasing the minimum monthly payments and increasing their interest rates. It made things incredibly difficult."

Q: And after?
A: "Things are still difficult, many things had to be given up and we're living on a tight budget, but the goal of being free of credit card debt in 4 years is a very manageable goal."

Q: How satisfied are you with our service?
A: "Very satisfied"

Q: Would you recommend our counseling services to others in need?
A: "Absolutely"

Mary T.

Q: How was your credit counseling experience?
A: "The credit counseling experience was very positive and encouraging. We felt it was really nice to talk to someone who didn't judge us based on our financial difficulties. We also felt better after the counseling session knowing we had a plan."

Q: Has being on a debt management plan made your financial life easier?
A: "It's very nice to be able to know when the money will be coming out and how much is due each month. It's very convenient that we don't have to figure out where to send all our bills each month, and it is a lot less stressful trying to budget and remember everything. In addition since being on the debt management program, we were also able to get a car loan"

Q: How was the customer service you received while on the plan?
A: "The customer service has always been very pleasant and it's never been a hassle when we have called. We also have never dreaded calling. We've had to change our payment date several times and the service we received was great!"

Q: How has the program changed your daily lives?
A: "This program has taken a whole lot of stress off of us. We feel like we can see a light at the end of the tunnel, as opposed to feeling like we are in quicksand."

Sharon G.

Q: What was your situation like before credit counseling?
A: "I felt like I was out of options. I had paid hundreds of dollars in credit card bills for years, always making all of my payments, but the balances weren't going anywhere. I had depended on these cards for so long, I felt powerless when all of a sudden I didn't have any. I counted on them all those years as a backup, so I was a nervous wreck. It seemed to be never ending."

Q: Did the debt management plan change that?
A: "The program helped me to learn not to depend on credit cards. Now I am starting to build up my savings, having money to back us up so that I don't get in the situation where we have to charge. The plan has changed my pattern of buying completely."

Q: Would you recommend our debt management plan to others in similar situations?
A: "Yes, and I do to anyone I talk to. No one ever made me feel like a deadbeat because I had to do this. I was never embarrassed to say I was on the plan. It was just so great and I was doing something good for myself. I just needed a helping hand."


Q: What brought you to RethinkingDebt?
A: "My interest rates were high. Very high! I called the credit card companies but they would not lower them. I came to RethinkingDebt and now some of my accounts have rates as low as 5.9%!"

Q: How did your initial credit counseling session go?
A: "Well, all I needed to do was organize my living expenses and what I had for credit card debt.  Then my credit counselor came up with a payment plan that I could afford. "

Q: What would you tell someone who was having a hard time paying their debt?
A: "I would tell them to call . You make one monthly payment and RethinkingDebt pays the credit cards for you. They are able to lower your interest rates and that is what really helps pay down the debt. All I have to do is watch my statements to verify payments have posted, my interest rates stay low and I am done!!

Q: Would you recommend RethinkingDebt to a family member or friend?
A: "Yes, I would. I am very happy with the program."

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