IRS Phone Scams

There are a number of different phone scams that are currently going on, including people claiming to be the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  The

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I Have How Many Credit Scores?!

Often we hear from our clients that they checked their credit score through a free site such as Credit Karma and were shown a high credit score but ye

Online First Home Education

For many years, RethinkingDebt has offered a First Time Homebuyer workshop in it's Rochester, NY office. Demand for this workshop has increased o

Do Credit Checks really hurt your Credit Score?

Do credit checks really hurt your credit score? Have you ever heard someone say that every time someone checks your credit history it will lower your

Time for Improved Credit Card Security?

Is it time for the US to Improve Credit Card security? The United States has been lagging behind other countries in improving credit card security.

Carrying Debt May be Heavier than You Think

According to a recent National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) online poll, 18% of consumers think that carrying credit card debt from one mon

Confused about Credit Counseling?

Confused about Credit Counseling? Confused about what credit counseling is? Not sure how it can help you? You are not the only one. The National Foun

Foreclosure Prevention

Foreclosure Prevention During tough economic times, many homeowners face difficulties in making their mortgage payments. The one missed payment turns

First Home Club

First Home Club Becoming a homeowner is the #1 goal of many of our clients. CCCS of Rochester can help you prepare for the reality and responsib

Identity Theft

Identity Theft Identity theft is commonly seen with stolen credit cards or bank information, but it can happen in many ways. No matter what kind of f

CCCS of Rochester Joins the Sharpen Your Financial Focus™ Initiative

CCCS of Rochester Joins the Sharpen Your Financial Focus™ Initiative to Help You Make Smart Money Decisions CCCS of Rochester is excited to ann

CCCS Partners with the City of Rochester’s Biz Kid$ Program

One of our top priorities at CCCS is to work closely with community agencies in order to integrate financial education within their programs and proje


BalancedCare CCCS of Rochester has recently launched a new division of services named BalancedCare.  Balanced Care provides managed financial servic

We Are Here For You!

We Are Here For You! As the only community-based not for profit credit counseling organization in Rochester, Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Ro

A Wise Strategy for Tax Refunds

A wise strategy for tax refunds – By- Chad Rieflin Tax time is always exciting when a refund is anticipated. Plans and projects that might have.

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