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CCCS Partners with the City of Rochester’s Biz Kid$ Program

One of our top priorities at CCCS is to work closely with community agencies in order to integrate financial education within their programs and projects. We believe that doing so strengthens the services provided by these organizations and affords us the ability to expand our reach and impact.  We have the privilege of partnering with many different groups and are grateful for each of these opportunities. One in particular that we want to share with you is the City of Rochester Biz Kid$ program. Biz Kid$ is an entrepreneurship education program for students between the ages of 10-18 that focuses on helping urban youth learn about making and handling money. The Biz Kid$ program accomplishes this goal by offering weeklong camps, monthly seminars, and the opportunity for students to join a business team and sell products at local fairs and festivals. Through our Credit Education Bureau (CEB) extension, CCCS helps Biz Kid$ with program development, curriculum development, and educating students on the subject of money. Biz Kid$ serves approximately 100 students annually and many Biz Kid$ graduates have gone on to start and run successful businesses locally. Recently, a group of Biz Kid$ visited the CCCS offices and participated in a workshop about the ins and outs of credit. Students played a “Jeopardy” style game and competed as they learned about credit reports, credit scores, loans, and interest rates. To learn more about Biz Kid$ or to register your student for Biz Kid$ visit: or call the City of Rochester Recreation Department at (585) 428-7371.