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Priority Pay


The Priority Pay program is a brand new, successful addition to the many other services offered at Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Rochester. This program is available to clients who, due to financial restrictions, do not qualify for a traditional debt management program. When first contacting CCCS of Rochester, a client will sit down with a certified credit advisor and create an in depth budget based upon income, living expenses, creditors, and amounts owed to each creditor in order to see the financial situation as a whole. This will allow the advisor to determine the most beneficial way to pay off outstanding debt. Priority Pay allows our clients to become involved in debt repayment while still maintaining their everyday living expenses. Our staff understands each individual has a unique financial situation, and we try to assist each client in determining the best option based upon their own individual needs. Unlike the debt management program, when on Priority Pay, there is not a minimum payment requirement for each creditor on the program. This allows the client to include their repayment option in a more feasible monthly budget. Once a creditor is paid in full, the funds can be reassigned to another creditor with an outstanding balance, over time allowing all creditors to be paid in full. There is no time restriction for paying off an the debt. This program simply allows you to start the process in obtaining financial health, by paying one, two, or a few accounts at a time without disrupting a your set monthly budget. One of our certified advisors would be glad to schedule an appointment to review your current debt situation. Call us! 585-546-3440